2010 Scag SFZ52-19KA Freedom Z® Zero-Turn Riding Mower


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SFZ52-19KA Freedom Z® Zero-Turn Riding Mower


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Unit was sold new in 2011--new hydro filter and oil, tune up, and blade sharpening.


What could you do with some extra free time? The latest mower from Scag gives you more free time by reducing your mowing time. If you are cutting your grass with a conventional garden tractor, the Freedom Z could cut your mowing time in half*. Reclaim your weekend. Give yourself the freedom to spend more time doing the things you really want to be doing like camping, fishing, spending time with your family and friends....the list goes on. The Freedom Z is primarily designed for entry-level commercial use and estate / consumer use. We invite you to learn more about the outstanding features of the Freedom Z and how it can save you time while delivering professional results.

    Product Details
    • Up to 8 MPH forward and 5 MPH reverse speeds deliver maximum productivity. Fast ground speeds will make short work of your residential acreage or commercial property.
    • Fully welded and fabricated, unitized steel main frame design is stronger than "bolt together" or stamped frame designs. This frame is built to last.
    • 52" cutter deck constructed with a 10-gauge top with an 11-gauge reinforcement plate around the spindle mounting area for extra support. The cutter deck skirt is 7-gauge for additional strength.
    • Power your Freedom with a 19hp Kawasaki V-twin engine.
    • Dual Hydro-Gear ZT2800 transaxles put the power to the ground. These powerful units deliver smooth maneuverability and feature spin-on oil filters (40 micron) for optimal fluid filtration and long component life.
    • Ogura PTO clutch brake has lots of torque (87 ft/lbs) for smooth blade engagements and solid holding power in heavy cutting conditions. Adjustable airgap delivers long component life.
    • Maintenance free mower design has no grease points, saving you maintenance time and giving you the freedom to do other things.
    • ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) is standard equipment along with retractable seatbelts. ROPS provides additional operator safety.
    • Compact mower size enables you to take the Freedom Z into tight places. The Freedom Z also occupies less space in your garage, leaving more room for other tools and toys.
    • 7 gallon fuel capacity gives you the freedom to cut vast amounts of grass without having to stop and refuel. The fuel tank features an extra large filler neck for easy refueling.
    • Large drive and caster tires ensure solid traction and a smooth ride. Front caster tires: 11x4.5-5. Drive tires: 20x10-8.
    • Extra large foot plate for improved operator comfort and easier mounting and dismounting of the mower. The pierced, extruded metal tread ensures solid footing. The entire foot plate is rubber iso-mounted for additional operator comfort.
    • Easily adjust cutting heights while seated via. Wide range of adjustment from 1" to 4-1/2" in 1/4" increments.
    • Foot pedal deck lift features a large knurled peg for "no slip" deck lifting. Spring-assisted design makes lifting the cutter deck easy and smooth.
    • The Scag "Simply the Best" warranty stands behind you and your mower for years of worry-free service. Unlike other mowers in its price range, the Freedom Z carries a commercial warranty as well as an estate owner / home owner warranty.
    • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting idler arms effortlessly keep all belts in constant adjustment for maximum life and no maintenance.
    • All steel pulleys are stronger than plastic pulley designs. This is a Scag....you will not find plastic pulleys on the Freedom Z. Steel dust and debris covers are fitted over idler pulley bearings and spindles to keep foreign material out, extending bearing life.
    • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust operator's seat features thick cushions for operator comfort. The bottom cushion is extra thick. Retractable seat belts are standard equipment.
    • Padded steering control levers with ultra-smooth dampers for smooth, precise responsiveness. Levers are adjustable.
    • Gas-charged steering dampers are designed and positioned for smooth steering lever operation and minimal control effort.
    • 4-corner cutter deck adjustment mechanisms allow for easy deck leveling and pitch adjustment to deliver a smooth, even cut.
    • Heavy-duty, no maintenance blade drive spindles provide reliable performance day in and day out; aluminum housings and sealed ball bearings.
    • Interlocked parking brake system prevents movement when parked on inclines. The mower cannot be driven when the brake is applied. This prevents premature brake wear.
    • Operator friendly instrument panel is conveniently located just to the left of the operator. It includes an ignition switch, mower engagement switch, and separate choke and throttle controls.
    • User-friendly mower design allows quick access to the engine and filters, for easy maintenance.
    • Cup holder and storage bin are molded into the fuel tank to provide added operator convenience and comfort.
    • Hydraulic oil reservoir and maintenance-free battery are enclosed within the left side tank molding to prevent external damage and to provide a sleek, clean appearance.
    • Engine oil drain makes oil changes easy.
    • High-quality electrical components such as switches and tightly woven, custom wiring harness looms are used throughout the Scag mower line for dependability and long life.
    • Super-tough rear engine guard protects the engine compartment from potential impact damage when backing up
    • Digital "SmartSense" hour meter features pre-programmed maintenance reminders to help ensure that routine service is completed. Hour meter only activates when engine is running and is located within easy sight of the operator while in the operating position.
    • Productive, time saving accessories like a grass collection system and high-powered halogen lights are available for the Freedom Z.
    • Engine: 19 hp Kawasaki, air-cooled, twin cylinder, vertical shaft
    • Fuel Capacity/Design: 7 gal. fuel tank with molded-in cupholder & storage tray
    • Travel Control: Twin padded steering controls with gas dampers for smooth, precise maneuverability. Levers are adjustable.
    • Ground Speed: 8 mph forward, 5 mph reverse
    • Main Frame Construction: Steel tube frame, full-length, fully-welded
    • Drive Tires: 20 x 10 -8, 4 ply
    • Caster Tires: 11 x 4.5 - 5, 4 ply
    • Caster Pivot Bearings: Sealed ball bearings
    • Drive System: Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 integrated transaxles with charge pumps and spin- on oil filters; steel plate oil filter guards protect filters from damage
    • Mower Maintenance: “Maintenance Free” mower design has no grease points, saving you maintenance time
    • Electrical System: 12 Volt battery. Bendix starter.
    • Engine Guard: Super-tough rear engine guard protects the engine compartment from potential impact damage when backing up
    • Belts: Kevlar cord. Self-adjusting, spring-loaded, self-tightening.
    • Drive/Load Pulleys: Steel pulleys. Steel dust and debris covers over idler pulley bearings to keep foreign material out and extend bearing life.
    • Instrument Panel : Key switch, throttle, manual choke, BBC switch, digital “SmartSense hour meter within easy view
    • Seat: Adjustable, fully cushioned seat with padded arm rests; retractable seat belt
    • Foot Plate: Extra-large foot plate for improved comfort; easy to get on and off of mower. Pierced, extruded steel tread ensures solid footing. Rubber iso-mounted for additional operator comfort.
    • PTO - Electric Clutch: Ogura, 87 ft/lb of torque / adjustable air-gap for long component life
    • Cutter Decks: 52 in. deck. Floating, adjustable, anti-scalping design
    • Cutter Deck Construction: Welded steel with 7-gauge deck skirt, 10-gauge top with 11-gauge reinforcement plate/baffles
    • Cutter Deck Drive: Belt driven -- Straight belt for long life, not a twisted “mule” drive
    • Anti-Scalp: One roller on left-front edge, two rollers on center-front edge, skid plate at rear-center of deck
    • Cutter Deck Spindles: Heavy-duty, no-maintenance spindles with cast aluminum housing & sealed ball bearings; reliable, worry-free performance day in and day out
    • Cutter Deck Height Adjustment: Foot pedal/peg lift with self-locking mechanism at transport position. Large knurled foot pedal/peg for “no-slip” deck lifting.
    • Cutting Range: 1 in. to 4-1/2 in. in 1/4 in. increments. Easily adjustable while seated.
    • Number of Cutter Blades: 3 Marbain blades
    • Deck Leveling: 4-corner cutter deck adjustment mechanisms allow for easy deck leveling and pitch adjustment to ensure a smooth, even cut
    • Total Length: 73 in.
    • Total Width (with discharge chute in mowing position): 64.5 in.
    • Total Width (with discharge chute in transport position): 53 in.
    • Height: 60 in.
    • Weight: 785 lbs.
    • Warranty: 3 Yr. Residential Mower Warranty—Parts & labor. 1 Yr. Commercial Mower Warranty—Parts & labor. 2 Yr. Engine Warranty—Minimum two-year warranty covered directly through the individual engine manufacturer.
    Product Highlights
    • 52" cutter deck
    • 19 hp Engine
    • Dual hydraulic transmission drive system
    • Up to 8 MPH forward speed for more productivity
    • Maintenance-free mower design (no grease points)
    • Rubber iso-mounted foot plate
    • ROPS standard equipment
    • Ultra-comfortable operator's platform
    • 7 gallon fuel capacity
    • Ogura PTO Clutch Brake
    • Single piece, tubular steel main frame
    • Heavy-duty blade drive spindles
    • Operator friendly instrument panel
    • Tubular steel rear bumper / engine guard



    Engine Manufacturer
    Horse Power
    19 hp
    Engine Type
    Air-cooled, twin cylinder, vertical shaft


    Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 integrated transaxles with charge pumps and spin- on oil filters; steel plate oil filter guards protect filters from damage
    Wheel Size
    Drive Tires: 20 x 10 -8, 4 ply; Caster Tires: 11 x 4.5 - 5, 4 ply
    Fuel Capacity
    7 gal.


    Deck Size
    52 in.
    Discharge Type
    Standard: Side; Optional: Bagger, Mulcher